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Stacktris is an arcade game that about stacking and balancing blocks called tetrominoes without knocking them down. Combining the satisfying tetris experience with the challenging tower stacking games, Stacktris will put your balancing skills to the test. You get a tetrominmo block that constantly spins exponentially faster. Tap on the block to stop its spin and drag to reposition it above the platform, and release to drop. Make sure to aim carefully, because you will lose the game even if only one block falls off. Don't worry if the game sounds difficult! You can watch hints and even buy upgrades with the coins you've collected. There are power-ups such as Slow Spin, High Friction, Coin Magnet, Low Bounce, Coin Chance, Wide Table, and Next Block that will all make your experience easier and more enjoyable So you need be patient and put a bit of time into Stacktris, but when you do, it's an enjoyable experience like no other! Don't forget to share Stacktris with your friends and prove to them you can build the tallest Tetromino Tower!

How to play Stacktris?


Click and hold to stop the tetrominos from spinning, drag your mouse to move the tetrominoes, and release to drop. You can also use the keyboard to move them horizontally. Stack the blocks as high as you can without knocking them down!

  • Stop tetrominoes - Left mouse click
  • Move tetrominoes - A / D or Left / Right arrow keys
  • Drop tetrominoes - Release left mouse click
  • Menu - ESC
  • Pause - Enter / Return

Mobile / Tablet

Long-press to stop the tetrominos from spinning, drag horizontally to position them as you lke, and release to drop. Stack the blocks as high as you can without knocking them down!

What are the upgrades in Stacktris?

  • Slow Spin - the initial amount of rotation. Decreases for each upgrade, but note that it will speed up back to its maximum rotation.
  • High Friction - less amount of slide.
  • Coin Magnet - increase the radius of coin's attraction to tetrominoes.
  • Low Bounce
  • Coin Chance - increase the probability of producing coins every turn.
  • Wide Table - the default width of the table is 5, and increases by 1 for each upgrade.
  • Next Block - shows the tetrominoes that will be used for the first amount of turns.

Who created Stacktris?

Stacktris is created by Martin Magni. Play their other arcade games on PlayFreeWebGames: Drive Mad, Recoil, Monster Tracks, and Speed King

How can I play Stacktris for free?

You can play Stacktris for free on PlayFreeWebGames.

Can I play Stacktris on mobile devices and desktop?

Stacktris can be played on your computer and mobile devices like phones and tablets.