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Arcade Games


Stack up the blocks as high as you can!

Now you can play the popular high score game directly in your browser on your computer or smartphone without downloading or installing anything. Show good timing and quick reflexes in Stack and build the highest towers possible. It's super addictive!

The C major scale makes the music here. If you place a block perfectly on your tower, you'll hear the low C. Only if you continue to stack perfectly, you'll hear the next higher note, i.e. D, E, F, G, A, B, C. If you don't hit the blocks precisely, the piece that sticks out will be cut off and your playing surface will become smaller.

The good news is that when you reach the high C, you will get a bigger block again. You can use this to compensate for any losses and keep stacking.

Try to keep calm and relax, there is no time limit in Stack. Wait for the perfect moment to put down your block and develop your own rhythm when building. With the gems you earn, you can choose cool patterns for your tower in the shop and use the pattern that is easiest for you to play with.

Can you set a highscore in tower building?