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Blumgi Castle?

Blumgi Castle

Skill Games

Blumgi Castle

Skill Games

Skill Games
Blumgi Castle

Blumgi Castle

Blumgi Castle is a skill game where you equip various explosives and special weapons in order to sink your enemies into the water. Blow your foes up, or demolish the ground that they are standing on! Use the indicator around your character to aim, hold down the action button to set intensity, and release to rain bombs upon monsters. You will finish a level successfully if every creature in the level is defeated. You will unlock a brand new cool character every few levels, so make sure you play as every single one of them! Make sure to check the special weapons at the top - as there are really entertaining ones like bigger explosions, buzzsaw, dynamites, laser beams, and even the famous teleporting basketball from its sibling game Blumgi Ball! There is no one right way to clear a level, so feel free to create destruction and enjoy this addictive skill game to the fullest!

How to play Blumgi Castle?

Single Player Mode

Aim - A/D or Left/Right arrows

Shoot - (Hold down and release) Spacebar

Multiplayer Mode

Aim - E/R or Left/Right arrows

Shoot - (Hold down and release) A or Spacebar

Who created Blumgi Castle?

Blumgi Castle was created by Blumgi, a game development studio based in France. Play their legendary skill games on PlayFreeWebGames: Blumgi Ball, Blumgi Rocket, Blumgi Slime

Can I play Blumgi Castle for free?

Blumgi Castle is free to play on PlayFreeWebGames.

Can I play Blumgi Castle on mobile and desktop?

Blumgi Castle is playable on both your computer and mobile devices like phones and tablets.