Idle Games

Our idle games are *extremely* addictive! We have all of the hottest titles that will send you into a clicking frenzy. Gameplay is simple, as all you have to do is click! Whether you're planting crops, baking candy, or mining for gold, you must level up to win. The path to victory is clear and daunting. How will you ever earn one billion in currency? Click, click, and click until you're rich!

Our broad selection of idle games sends you to vastly different worlds. Fans of ancient warfare will love amassing an army of medieval soldiers. Train more powerful troops to face intimidating monsters around your castle. For endless mining challenges, visit frozen mountains and haunted caves to reap golden rewards! You can also slay pixelated blobs and other evil creatures in dangerous worlds. For a slightly more relaxing challenge, turn a patch of land into a self-sustaining farming empire!