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Among Us?

Among Us

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Among Us

Among Us is a one a kind online game that combines simple gameplay that is accessible even for the most casual players with strategic thinking, sci-fi esthetics and dark humor. Several crewmates are going about their usual business on an advanced spaceship stranded in the middle of the galaxy. Little do they know that one of them is actually an alien impostor whose sole objective is to sabotage their mission, preferably killing everyone on the team along the way. This evil being looks and acts just like everyone else, until its time to strike from the shadows and gruesomely devour an unsuspecting spaceman. This impostor could be anyone – even you! Figure out who is behind the wrong-doings on your ship or make sure that the crew never reaches its destination – whatever your role is, you are guaranteed to have unimaginable fun!

If you are not familiar with this title and what it’s all about, here’s a short summary on how to play Among Us. At the beginning of the round one of the players is assigned the role of the impostor. Their job is to make things difficult for the crew, kill them off one by one and sabotage the ship while maintaining anonymity. To do so, you must only attack other players when no one else is watching, make sure not to walk around meaninglessly or raise any suspicions from the actual crewmen. As a regular crew member your goal is to keep the ship operational by performing some routine maintenance tasks. Be aware of your surroundings, try not to get killed and keep an eye out for any suspicious activity. After the round is over, as long as some of the team is still alive, they get to discuss what happened in the chat. This is where the fun begins: finger-pointing, accusations, deceit, bluffing and arguing will most likely result in someone becoming the prime suspect. The team votes to get someone off the ship, and if that crew member happens to be the impostor, the survivors win the game! If, however, they choose the wrong person, the game will continue until either the alien is finally identified or everyone else on the team is dead.

How to play:

Join a group of 4-15 players in a thrilling multiplayer social experience where Crewmates must work together to repair components on their ship. Only one problem: there’s an alien Impostor aboard, and they’re dressed up like one of the crew. Complete all tasks before the Impostor kills everyone on the ship, or find out who the Impostor is and convince everyone else to vote them off the ship. Prepare to have your friendships tested in the ultimate social party game, Among Us!