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Evo City Driving?

Evo City Driving

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Evo City Driving

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Evo City Driving

Evo City Driving

Many younger folks are debating whether or not they want to own a car in the future when they can get their driving fix from games like Evo City Driving. You've arrived in an urban area that is presumably Evo City. From the very start, you'll notice some unusual things about the city with the biggest being how many roads and streets it has winding through the buildings and no cars around. This means you've got free reign to drive all over the city without worrying about other cars or cops getting in the way of your fast and reckless driving.

About Evo City Driving

There's only so much a person can ask from a driving game, but I think most would be happy with an open world that lets you go super fast. This game is pretty much just that, almost surprisingly so. The city is large and full of twists and turns to drive around and explore while practicing speed management and turning. There are some civilians and smaller structures to add some variety to the city, but the emptiness allows you to focus more on what you're doing. Take whatever flashy car you can and see just how fast you can make it go.

How to Play

Evo City Driving is a 3D driving game that you can play with just the keyboard.


  • W/Up Arrow - Accelerate
  • S/Down Arrow - Decelerate/Reverse
  • A/Left Arrow - Turn Left
  • D/Right Arrow - Turn Right
  • Spacebar - Brake
  • C - Change Camera Angle

The goal of this game is to make your own goal since the city is open and there aren't any other cars challenging you for control. People are walking around, but you won't get any penalties if you accidentally hit any of them. You can also drive into structures and obstacles at your leisure without having to worry about your car getting destroyed. If you ever want to start over, just reset the game and start from the beginning.

Whenever you do start your drive, you'll always spawn at the same starting point. The city will also have the same layout so there won't be any surprises. The only randomization is the number of citizens walking around and where they'll spawn as they can appear almost anywhere. You also have the opportunity to pick one of many brightly-colored cars to tear up the roads. They're all unlocked right from the start so just pick whichever ones speak most to you.

Tips and Tricks

Since this game gives you an incredible degree of freedom with no pressure, you can use the time and environment to master the driving controls and physics. Spend some time getting to know the city so that you can take advantage of all the roads. Just be careful not to get the front or back bumper of the car stuck on the sidewalk.