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Arctic Pong

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Arctic Pong

Arctic Pong

Welcome to Arctic Pong, an exciting and addictive ping pong-style game brought to you by Inlogic! Get ready to embark on a chilly adventure as you help adorable little seals collect coins while avoiding hungry polar bears. With its simple gameplay mechanics and four unlockable characters, Arctic Pong offers plenty of challenges and hours of fun.

The objective of Arctic Pong is straightforward: change the character's direction by touching the screen and guide them to collect coins. However, be cautious as the polar bears are swift and ride sleds, making them quicker than they appear. Exercise your reflexes and strategic thinking to overcome the obstacles and achieve high scores.

Arctic Pong is accessible on any device or browser, thanks to its unblocked HTML5 format. Whether you're playing on your computer, smartphone, or tablet, you can enjoy this game for free on PlayFreeWebGames.

How do I play Arctic Pong?

Simply touch the screen to change the character's direction and guide them to collect coins. Avoid the polar bears on sleds to stay safe and aim for high scores.

Can I play Arctic Pong on my mobile device?

Yes! Arctic Pong is compatible with all devices, including smartphones and tablets. Just visit the PlayFreeWebGames website on your mobile browser and start playing.

Are there different characters to unlock in Arctic Pong?

Yes, Arctic Pong offers four unlockable characters. Each character brings a unique style and challenge to the game.

Is Arctic Pong free to play?

Absolutely! Arctic Pong is available for free on There are no subscription fees or in-app purchases required to enjoy the game.

How can I improve my score in Arctic Pong?

To improve your score, focus on collecting as many coins as possible while avoiding the polar bears. Practice your timing and reflexes for precise movements.

Get ready to dive into the frosty world of Arctic Pong and test your skills in this thrilling and addictive game. Play now and see how high you can score!